Success Stories

Success Story Shivkanth
Since two years Shivkanth suffers from polio which made it impossible to walk normally. He could only move around on hands and feet, this caused a lot of discomfort : “Sometimes I have so much pain to my hands I cannot even sleep”

Shivkanth received crutches and a tricycle from Oribit. In addition Orbit also helped him to obtain an identity card, PHP and bus pass from the government.

With the help of ORBIT, Shivkanth is much more mobile. He can use his tricycle to go to college, 1st PUC. “In addition it is also very helpful for small things, like going to the toilet” he said. Longer distance can be covered by bus, which he can use for free thanks to his bus pass. Now he has no longer to crouch, this is a great relief for his hands. ORBIT also helped him to obtain a PHP from the government, this assures that he receives a monthly income.