Skill Development and Income Generating Program

Skill Development and Income Generation Program (SDIGP)
The main thrust of the empowerment activities to women, adolescent girls, youth, disabled, HIV/ AIDS affected, Mentally Ill and leprosy affected persons is to assist them in achieving sustainability through skill trainings and income generation activities. Self employment and IGP activities give them better access to education, health, nutrition and higher status of life by improving standard of life. This also creates leadership among them who become model for the entire society. This in its entirety leads to increase in well being of the family. They become masters of their own life and thus self manage their funds (savings and disposal of funds), life and family. Thus pave way for social, economical and political independence.

Sevasangama, through its experience of working for over a decade with women, youth, disabled, mentally ill, leprosy and HIV AIDS affected persons has seen the lives of people from grass root level in rural parts of one of the most backward districts of Karnataka. Hence Sevasangama started its empowerment program by promoting self employment and income generation programs like cattle, goat, sheep rearing, petty shops, grocery shops, tea shops, rotti/ agarbatti/ candle/ phenol making etc.

Sevasangama, also felt the need of skilling people who are unskilled and semiskilled in different fields. Hence it started Tailoring, Embroidery, Bag making, paper plates making etc training.

Sevasangama promotes women, youth, disabled, mentally ill, leprosy and HIV AIDS affected persons for vocational trainings like Computer learning, Retail industry, office assistants, welding etc by networking with other organizations.

Goal: Enhanced Dignity and Quality of life of poor and most backward men, women, youth, disabled, mentally ill, leprosy and HIV AIDS affected persons leading to sustainable life.

  • Community Development programs leading to improve in livelihood security.
  • Enhanced productivity of vulnerable and backward communities by developing skills and assets.
  • Promoting greater income generation and vocational training opportunities.
  • Promotion of micro credit units to promote the business and growth.
  • Empowering people to self manage and run their own livelihood with their own capabilities.

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