Community Based Rehabilitations

Community Based Rehabilitations
Sevasangama focuses on mainstreaming persons with disability in 64 villages of 14 panchayats of Kalaburagi District through CBR programme in Kalaburagi and Sedam talukas. Since its initiation in 2013, the program has integrated effectively 6 areas of stakeholders like staff and program management at the organizational level and health, education, livelihood, social, and empowerment aspects of the PWDs

Till date we have catered to 1332 persons with disability of the project area. The program was initiated through a need based assessment. Through awareness programs the PWDs learnt about their rights and entitlements. Motivated them to obtain Disability Certificates and other benefits from the Government. Gradually they were organized into 59 Disabled persons Organizations and 2 Block Level DPO’s. To encourage the inclusive education Children were reintegrated to the schools and 10 Children’s clubs were formed to monitor their growth. 68 PwMI were identified, treated and rehabilitated by the active DPO members. More than 800 people have availed Jobs that contributed to the income of the families. 41 DPO are supported with Rs. 5000/- each as the revolving Fund and are encouraged to engage in the income generating activities.


Health: Availing government schemes like disability cards, Physiotherapy, Corrective Surgeries, Medical Camps, MI treatment, Aids and appliances, Home Based Interventions

Education: Re- integration of the children to the schools, Higher studies, Formation of Child Clubs

Livelihood: Livelihood Opportunities, Skill Trainings, Income Generation Activities, Availing 5% Reserve fund, Availing Govt. Schemes,

Social: Celebration of Feasts, Participation in Local & other Programs, Wedding, Capacity Building

We deem it as an opportunity to empower the disabled and socially integrate them to the society by HELPING them to get back their lost DIGNITY. Down the years we are witnessing a sea of change in the attitude of the Parents, Care Takers, Village Heads, Panchayath members and Government officials. Yet we see that they need to be strengthened to stand by their own hence need your generous contribution in this endeavour. Kindly Join hands with us. Together let us make this world a better place for all.

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