HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system of human body which causes HIV/AIDS. The predominance of this chronic disease is a cruel reality in our society even today in Sevasagnama working area. Accepting this dire challenge, Sevasagnama with its sister concern ORBIT initiated Sneha Awareness program Bidar District to educate people about HIV/AIDA epidemic and its prevention methods. In 2006, it extended services to the Children Living with HIV/AISD (CLHA) through Clinton Foundation.

The increasing spread of the infection compelled Sevasagnama through its sister concern ORBIT to open up a ASHADEEPA Community Care Centre (CCC) with 25 beds in October, 2008 in collaboration with DAPCU (District Aids Prevention and Control Unit) of Bidar district, to cater the physical and psychological needs of the People Living with HIV/AIDA (PLHA). In the duration 4 years a total no. of 1449 patients were regularly treated by the dedicated CCC team.

In the year 2009, Sevasagnama and ORBIT jointly initiated another venture of registering BELADINGALU Positive Peoples Network to understand and realize the need of being together to fight their infection and for their rights.

On June 20th 2014 Fr Santhosh Bapu, then Director of Sevasagnama and ORBIT started Sevasagnama initiated SPARSHA Care Home for CLHA for want of care, protection and education with 14 such children and today it caters to the needs of over 36 Children.

  • Awareness to Truck and Auto Drivers, the high school and college students, migrant group, Anganwadi, ASHAs, PRI Members, Govt officials, youth, Hotels,
  • Identification of suspected clients and high risk group of HIV AIDS.
  • Building the linkages and identifying the government facilities for the treatment and for the other facilities for clients.
  • Referring the CLHA/PLHA to ART Centre for the registration and initiating ART
  • Registering CLHA in the school and in the Anganwadi
  • Registering them Positive People Network – Beladingalu
  • Care and medical facilities for the PLHA
  • Food and nutritional supplements for the PLHA/ CLHA enrolled and
  • IGP activities to empower their social and financial status.
  • Regular trainings on Group building, Leadership skills, Group Management and utilization of Revolve Fund.
  • Counseling to both In Patient and Out Patient PLHA
MAKKALA KALYAN AWARD: Recognizing the loving service rendered to CLHA at Sparsha Care Home, Mrs. Umashree, then Minister of Department of Woman and Child Empowerment, Karnataka, awarded Makkala Kalyan award of the year to Fr. Bapu, Director of Sparsh Care Home, on 14th of November 2016

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