Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts
SEVASANGAMA is a non-profit organization in Bidar District of North of Karnataka State, India. India is a country with cultural, religious and lingual diversity. The area where SEVASANGAMA operates covers an area with more than 5 million inhabitants. That means local work and life connects together people with different life experiences, faith following, attitudes of life and education levels.

India offers a greatly religious, cultural and social landscape. India is a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic. It has people from different walks of life practicing different religious beliefs; there are also nature worshippers and atheists. We at SEVASANGAMA embrace people from all kinds of faiths, beliefs, gender, caste and creed including atheist. So also we request you to accept diversity in every way and manner of life.

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs
Consumption of alcohol, tobacco is prohibited in the SEVASANGAMA premises and at work. Smoking is not allowed in SEVASANGAMA premises. Use of drugs is illegal and strictly prohibited anywhere in India. If you get in trouble due to drugs we are forced to quit your volunteer service immediately. We don’t give you any legal support and you are requested to leave SEVASANGAMA premises without any delay.

Dress code
With due respect to the cultural, religious and social set up of the region we request volunteers to practice modesty in dressing.

Social Intercourse
People of India people are without any ulterior motives, loving, hospitable and very much welcoming and generous. SEVASANGAMA operates with the people who are sensitive regarding their own practices, reservations and norms. We request the volunteers to understand the milieu and correspond to the demands of the place. Be cautious before you give anyone your phone number or accept an invitation.

Anti Social/ Anti Constitutional Activities and Violation of Rights of Persons
SEVASANGAMA upholds human dignity and upholds Constitutional Values of India as well as follows law of the land. Any activity detrimental to these have zero tolerance at SEVASANGAMA. Volunteer must not involve himself/ herself with any anti social, anti constitutional activity. The person must respect human dignity and must not violate the rights of the other. The persons must not be involved in Child abuse, women sexual harassment at work place during volunteering period. The volunteer must using personal vehicle must have all legal documents as per traffic rules.

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