Success Stories

Success Story Of Mrs. Anali
Mrs. Anali married to a widower who’s wife died die to HIV infection. She married him without knowing that her future life-partner is infect with HIV. Together they had two children, miserably these children died with HIV infection.

Despondently her husband could no longer handle this life and committed suicide. When everything was lost Mrs. Anali had no shelter with her in-laws, even her mother in law start to harass her. Finally she returned to her native place. With al mental tension she also caught up an opportunistic infection

The SNEHA program identified Mrs. Anali in 2007. With regular visit to her family by outreach workers, counselors and coordinator she agreed to shift the ART from the government hospital. She was adhered to ART. With this treatment she maintained stable health.

Eventually Mrs. Anali took up the post of vice-president of the Beladingalu positive people’s network. She also helps other PLHIV by guiding by guiding new patients to the CCC. Slowly she started to live positively. When her father saw the change in her attitude, he supported her by putting up a small petty shop attached to the house. Unfortunately the petty shop was not a success.

The livelihood security program helped her to renew her petty shop. Now without any discrimination from the community she is continuing her work. She has come to her shop regular. During the monthly support group meetings at the CCC she shares the great achievement of her livelihood project and the secret of her positive living. She is a great inspiration to others!