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Our Story… of Creating Leaders..

Name :- Sabamma Malikarjune
SHG:- Radika SHG
Place:- Wadi, Gulbarga

Mrs. Sabamma Malikarjune was a poor woman lived in Wadi, with her husband who is a coolie worker and 4 children. She was economically unstable and helpless as they dependent upon the daily wage. Children’s education as well as a smooth living of the family was highly affected and worried her constantly. Sevasangama staff Mr. Nagendra identified Sabamma, while on village visit and educated her on the benefits as well as the importance of being organized for development as SHG. She was motivated to join the Radika SHG along with other women. To develop the skills and equip women with livelihood abilities Sevasangama conducted training on Leadership Skills, Book Keeping and Income Generating activities. Sabamma became aware of her strength, learnt about the rules, regulations also benefits of the SHG and studied about the various schemes. Identifing her ability to lead the SHG She was appointed as president of the SHG. As president she began visiting the banks, Anganwadi’s, Muncipality, Government Hospital and various other departments. Sabamma stood for Taluk Panchayath Election and won as a member. Later was elected as Vice President. Now she has become very resourceful to the SHG as well as to the Village. Today she has been empowered socially and economically. She has been motivated to dare to take up responsibility other than her small family. She remains ever grateful to Sevasangama for bringing light to her life as well as to her village. At present she committed to assist others to receive the government schemes that are available for them and help them improve their lives in all sphere of life.