Success Stories

Livlihood – Susheelasbai

Name: Susheelasbai
Date of birth:23/8/1978
Father: Damalu
Mother :Kamalabai

Susheelabai was born blind in Udanoor village in kalaburgi taluk on 23/8/1978. We found her during the base line survey done during 2013. When we first saw her she was helpless and poor. Daily living was a difficult task also she felt life is burdensome.

Intervention: Our staff encouraged her to join the DPO. She responded well and took initiative to form a group which was named as Rajivgandhivikalachenara sangha. She was given awareness on income generating activities and Self employment. When she expressed confidence of self employment she was guided to start with a petty shop. She was helped with a loan by the DPO. Result: Today she is economically empowered and is happy with what she earns for day today living. She participates actively in the various activities of the DPO and leads others to9 do the same.