Success Stories

Cutting off the Chains

Name : Shamu
Father: Basavaraj Pujari
Age: 21
Village: Adaki
District: Kaluburagi

Shamu a 21 year old boy hails from Adaki village, in Sedam taluka, kaluburagi suffered Mental illness since six years. Due to Schizophrenia he was uncontrollable. He used harm the electronic devices, pull out golden chains from women’s neck, throw children in the well etc. Each time he broke off someone’s Xerox machine in the shop or TV from a neighbouring house, his parents used to struggle to pay the fine. So they sold their bulls to pay for the Xerox machine and sold property to pay their other dues. His father was put into the jail because of the mischief he did and worrying about him he died. With these past experience of losing life and property, his family members and relatives kept him Chained for more than a year in a corner of the gutter.

When the CBR staff identified him he was bound in a dark place where there no proper breathing place. He was left alone, without bath and proper food just left to die. He was found out of his senses, beating his head to the walls and harming himself and talking to himself.
On learning the situation the Sevasangama CBR team rushed to the place and rescued him from that ugly place, called a barber and gave a haircut and gave him bath and admitted to Basaveshwara Hospital. He was there for 15 days with medication. After 3 ECTs and continuous medication Shamu achieved a level of recovery. Later he was taken to Snehalaya, a Rehabilitation centre at Mangalore. Today he is without chains… Freely walking around experiencing calm, comfort, balance and peace.

  • Shamu leads a dignified life at SNEHALAYA with clean water to drink, food to eat and a bed to sleep.
  • He takes the medicine by himself without the help of someone else.
  • He keeps himself clean, neat and Tidy and there is clarity in his speech.
  • People at Adaki highly appreciate the commitment and service of the organization to the PWMI and PWD’s. This made them aware of the rights of the PwD’s and encouraged them to care for them.
  • Parents and Siblings and the Family has taken responsibility to respect Shamu and treat him well.
Shamu is hale and hearty today. He is able to do the daily activities along with self-care. Thanks to CBR. Thanks to Sevasangama.