Success Stories

Case Study – Maheshwari

Maheshwari was born in Herur (B) village. Maheshwari lost her mother, after the 8th day of her birth, grandmother took the place of a mother in order to bring her up. From the birth Maheswari was Disable. She was born in a poor family. Father is a daily wage worker. After the death of his wife he married another lady, in order to look after the children. Maheshwari has one brother and one elder sister. They also go for daily to work. Now the step mother takes care of her to take her to hospital and gives the medicines regularly. Maheshwari was not able to do any work by herself. Especially she was not able to brush her teeth and not able to eat by herself even the daily basic needs. She was always dependent on her family members. She was not able to eat by herself her mother feed her. She was having epilepsy she use to fall by herself.

Support :
Through the help of CBR co-ordinator and Indubai the CBR worker of Sevasangama regularly visited Maheshwari’s house . And then she made regular visits to meet Maheshwari and her parents. Then she slowly started to build rapport with Maheshwari and get her confidence. Then the animator started to teach her how to wash her face, and to hold the brush and comb her hair so on. Maheshwari and her parents were brought to sevasangama and attended parent workshop.

CBR animator Hindubai visits Maheshwari twice in a week and teaches her the basic things. Now she herself can manage her personal activities. She is regularly taking tablets. She can slowly eat by herself and also wear her dress by herself.

Maheshwari is able to do her daily basic needs like eating, brushing teeth etc. Now through the help of panchayat she has received the amount to construct the toilet in her house. She has also received disabled certificate and taking regular medication every month. Maheshwari has slowly begun to talk with the people who come in contact to her. We wish her all the best